Let’s know the current situation of India in terms of medical education. To achieve an MBBS seat is not less than any nightmare in India. And if a student grabs one, the medical education in India offers them the following-

  • Backdated curriculum & orthodox teaching style
  • Rote learning
  • No development of clinical skills
  • No advanced infrastructure
  • Less social accountability

In this situation, Kyrgyzstan is a ray of hope for Indian students. For all the medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS at a low cost, Kyrgyzstan is just the right destination.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country with beautiful mountainous terrain. The country is also marking its presence in the top for providing high-quality education at an affordable price for international students.

Few Major Advantages of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan-

  • Development of clinical skills

Kyrgyzstan primarily focuses on enhancing clinical skills of the students. Unlike India, where anyone can learn, memorize and excel in the examinations without ample practical exposure to become a doctor. In the Top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan, the students are made to involve in practical assessments to thoroughly develop their medical skills. The clinical skills of medical aspirants are tested and only then allowed to practice as a doctor.

  • Updated Curriculum & Modern Teaching Style

Medical field witness the regular advancement and thus the Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan update their syllabus accordingly. Also, the medical universities in Kyrgyzstan use advanced teaching methodology. This style of teaching allows students to imbibe a complete understanding of the medical field. In India, students experience a teacher-centric pattern of education, but in Kyrgyzstan, it is more student-centric to enhance their skills.

  • Skilled Faculty

Kyrgyzstan medical universities appoint teachers based on their clinical experiences, along with their degrees. This would help them to impart medical knowledge effectively to the students. Universities also provide innovative training for the betterment of the students.

  • Enhancement of Social Accountability

As medical practitioners, you can imbibe training that instils some quality social accountability. The medical curriculum in Kyrgyzstan is compiled with major societal needs that one should know to become an exceptional doctor. Students are taught about many important rural & social needs with a mission to aware them about their duties as a doctor. This proves that the Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan do put a lot of effort to build up responsible doctors for the future.

Kyrgyzstan has a list of Top Medical Universities-

Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is an excellent option for Indian students. The Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan concentrate on the overall improvement of a student’s medical knowledge along with the development of skills in their field of specialization. Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities assures a brilliant future for their students and hence they never fail to provide the required academic and personal support & facilities. The best part is that you can study MBBS, imbibe quality education, develop your clinical skills, experience a different culture at a low budget at the Top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan.

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