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Asian Medical Institute is considered one of the famous medical universities in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The main reason the institution is ranking among the top universities is its recognition by the Ministry of Education & Health. At present, Asian Medical Institute has about 1800 students from more than 10 countries, including India, Russia, Nepal, Germany, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria. The best part of studying in this institute is that the medium of instruction in English is advantageous for all international students. The institute offers General Medicine Faculty in various active learning environments, which is accomplished in a group of small sessions, sessions on video-conference, grand-round presentation, and discussion debate on a journal article and problem sets. The entire curriculum is clubbed with the courses taught in all the universities all across Europe so that it helps the students obtain jobs easily.

All the faculties teaching in the Asian Medical Institute are accomplished in the English language. All the faculty members are selected based on their English language proficiency, which makes it easy for students to understand. Every faculty at the Institute either holds a degree in Medicine or is an M.D. (equivalent to MBBS in India) or a Ph.D. holder. All the faculty members use the latest technology to teach the students and share the newest technology inclusions in medicine.

The institute focuses on adopting various modern technologies; technical material based on ground level researchers and highly qualified and experienced teachers can help their students attain quality education. The faculty at the Asian Medical Institutes is friendly with their student and incorporate hospitality to ensure that complete knowledge transfer among students is taking place.

Doctors from various countries such as Europe, UK & the USA visit the institute to share all the new technological advancements in medicine with all the institute students.

The degree of M.D (equivalent to MBBS in India) awarded by the Asian Medical Institute is recognized by various councils of various countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Great Britain, and is enlisted with WDOMS. The institute is accredited with FAIMER (IMED), which approves all the students to practice worldwide.

The Chairman of the institute strongly believes in the overall development of the enrolled students, which promotes excellence among future leaders in medicine.

Faculties / Courses:

Asian Medical Institute is rigorously working in medicine to train all their students to become highly qualified specialists who can practice in any country in the world.

There are four faculties available in the Institute:

  • The Faculty of Medical
  • The Faculty of Dentistry
  • The Faculty of Nursing
  • The Faculty of Preparatory Courses

The institute majorly focuses on three main factors:

  • Organization and Methodology of medical education
  • Training and re-training of problems of specialists on family medicine
  • Training & re-training doctors on a particular specialty

Accommodation for Indian Students at Asian Medical Institute

The institute provides spacious hostel rooms with all the right services, including boarding, fooding, power supply, and power backup. The security services are available separately for boys and girls, right next to the college premises. All the hostel rooms are under CCTV surveillance and thus are supervised by a senior member of the resident faculty.
A good transport facility is available to take the students from their hostels to the affiliated hospitals present in the city. The atmosphere of hostels is calm, quiet, and thus it is favorable for peaceful studies.

Student Life

The institute believes in the students’  holistic development for which various cultural and extra-curricular activities are being conducted regularly in the institute. Students can get the privilege of many facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. To encourage students, the institute organizes various educational tours, games, and different festivals. To help the students focus on their studies and not worry about the get necessities in odd hours, a special canteen has been incorporated in the hostel’s premises.
The institution believes in being liberal and equal rights so that the students don’t get discriminated against based on sex, race, nationality, social status, religion, place of residence, etc.

Fee Structure of MBBS for Academic Year 2023-2024(5 Year Program)

Tution Fee Hostel Fee Visa Extension
1st Year 5260$    
2nd-5th Per Year 2100$ 425$ 200$
Total Fee 15760$ 2125$ 1000$

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