Jalal-Abad State University, Medical Faculty

Jalal-Abad State University was founded in 1993 and is a public institution designed to provide higher education in all the fields, including electronics, energy, construction, education, agro-industrial complex.

University was founded in 1993 and is a public institution designed to provide higher education in multiple fields.  There are 5 faculties, 19 profiles, and two colleges in JASU, with an enrollment of more than 4,300 students.

If you wish to study MBBS at Kyrgyzstan, the Faculty of Medicine at Jalalabad State University will be the best choice. Faculty of Medicine – offers the most significant study block in medicine the in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is the legatee of the academic base and traditions of Jalalabad State University.

Due to its competitive education and liberal costs of study, the Jalalabad Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among International Students. The standards of MBBS at Jalalabad State University are at par with any other European University; it makes students ready for the Industry. The graduates can pursue their Post-Graduation in Kyrgyzstan or any part of the World.

At Jalalabad Medical University, students get the opportunity to study medicine under the guidance of highly qualified Professors, who have extensive experience of teaching medicine in all leading countries of the world; hence the knowledge & skills acquired by the Graduates is updated & makes them competitive enough to practice in UK, US, India, etc.

Jalalabad State University, Faculty of Medicine has created a medicine study development plan for the next five years, which has helped it become the leading center for medical education in the Central Asian region.
Each academic session starts in September; the students will be admitted till November for the first year. There are two semesters in an academic year.

  •  September to January
  •  February to June.

Classes are held in groups. Students are divided into different groups. Each group contains not more than 14 students. The lecture will be standard for the students of the same academic year.

Special classes are provided to the students evaluating the academic performances of the students.

Summer vacation is usually for two months, in July and August. And the winter vacation is in January for a month.

Holidays are given in unique local and South-Asian festivals. Apart from these, leave home -the country is given as required.


Teaching hospitals are well-equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level.
Our university is affiliated globally with the following hospitals to practice in their free time with any medical professional’s supervision.

  •  Jalal-Abad City Hospital
  •  Jalal-Abad perinatal Hospital
  •  Jalal-Abad territorial Polyclinic
  •  Jalal-Abad City Maternity Hospital


The medium of instruction at the Faculty of Medicine is English. The course structure is designed in a new way, at par with any other Western Country which makes Graduates of Jalalabad University very competitive & can get admission in any University for their further studies.

The knowledge provided within the Jalal-Abad Medical University is worthwhile outside the country and everywhere in the world since teaching is conducted by both national and international professors of repute. The university provides its students with an opportunity to work in hospitals such as Jalalabad City Hospital, Jalalabad Provincial Headquarters Hospital where they get an idea about doctors’ professional lives and how to deal with patients a day to day basis. Pediatrics is given particular emphasis from the third year at the Jalal-Abad Medical University. Other study areas such as Obstetrics, Internal Diseases, Surgery, and Patient Clinical Care are also taught with care. Particular emphasis is given on practical classes.

Students also get access to 12,000 books at the Academy of Science, 10,000 at the Biosphere Institute, and 18,000 at the Jalal-Abad city library.

Student Life at Jalalabad State Medical University

Indian students studying MBBS at Jalalabad State University can stay in Hostels that have been provided by the University. The stay at the hostel is comfortable and easy on the wallet. It offers the perfect environment for studying. Moreover, the college has a library which gives student’s access to several Medical Journals and Books. It has an extensive collection of International Scientific Magazines; Faculty encourages the students to participate in Research Oriented Studies. The Tuition Fee and the Living Expenses are affordable as well & make Jalalabad Medical University a popular destination among Indian students.

The University believes in the overall development of every student studying. Various cultural programs are being organized by the university. The college has a library which gives student’s access to several medical journals and prolific books. It has a large collection of International Scientific Magazines and the faculty encourages the students to take part in Research Oriented Studies.

Fee Structure 2023-24 for MBBS in Jalalabad State University


Tution Fee

(In USD)

Hostel Fee

(In USD)

Medical Insurance

(In USD)

Total Expenses

(In USD)

First Year 5800$ 600$ 100$ 6,500$
Second Year 3400$ 600$ 100$ 4,100$
Third Year 3400$ 600$ 100$ 4,100$
Fourth Year 3400$ 600$ 100$ 4,100$
Fifth Year 3400$ 600$ 100$ 4,100$
Total Fee 19,400$ 3000$ 500$ 22,900$

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