Pursuing education from abroad is often a dream for many. But when it comes to a career in medicine, this dream becomes a confusing reality with the students struggling to settle down on the dream destination to pursue the course. Undoubtedly, MBBS from Kyrgyzstan comes with its share of exciting advantages which must be understood before making a final decision.

Some Important Facts about Kyrgyzstan:

With a literacy rate of about 99.5 percent, Kyrgyzstan stands tall amongst the educated classes in the world. Officially, Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked nation spread across an area of 77,202 square miles. Not unlike India, MBBS from Kyrgyzstan can be completed in about 5 years from universities that are either governed by the government or by private entities. 

Students from India often find pursuing medicine in Kyrgyzstan an excellent opportunity as
it meets their requirement of being closer to home with only 6-7 hours of air travel from Delhi, the capital of India, to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, with a time difference of only 30 minutes (Kyrgyzstan is ahead of India), it helps the young adults manage their timings and body clocks with minimum (almost negligible) possibilities of jet lag. Therefore, the students find no difficulty in getting the right to their study schedules despite travel between the two nations.
When it comes to the ease of education during MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, the language also poses no barrier since many of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan follow English as a medium of instruction. 

Additionally, there are several universities that also follow a bilingual system of education. Upon completion of the course from the country, Indian students can return to India and appear for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination that allows them a license to practice medicine in India. The MCI recognition of the universities in Kyrgyzstan is one of the key attractions of studying MBBS from Kyrgyzstan.

Why Study MBBS from Kyrgyzstan After All? To sum it up -

1. Kyrgyzstan as a country has an excellent literacy ratio at 99.5%.

2. MBBS from Kyrgyzstan can be completed in 5 years from Universities that -

  • Follow English as a medium of instructions
  • Are bilingual
  • Follow Kyrgyz as a medium of instructions

3. Universities for MBBS from Kyrgyzstan are recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India.

4. A student from top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan can return to India and practice medicine after clearing the MCI exam

5. Kyrgyzstan is geographically closer to India and thus has a shorter travel duration and the time difference between the two countries

That's not all! Studying MBBS from Kyrgyzstan has many more advantages for Indians. You can read more about them here - Kyrgyzstan: Best choice for Indian Students for MBBS

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