Many Indian students aspire to pursue MBBS but for the most of them, this dream remains unfulfilled. The reason for this situation is the less number of Government Medical College seats and high competition for them. And if talked about the private colleges, the fees is too much to bear for the students and their families. At this point, the best option that emerges for the Indian students is to study medicine in abroad. If pondered on the top destinations for MBBS studies, Kyrgyzstan happens to be on the topmost position.

Kyrgyzstan is considered to be the one-stop destination for the medical aspirants from all across the Globe. There are various options which you can opt for. You can study for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, a Doctorate or Professional Training and other career advancement opportunities. As the new session is approaching, Top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are offering admissions on the basis of merit of the students. Quite often, parents and students get confused as to how and where to apply for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and are worried about the student life in Kyrgyzstan.

What should you look for a medical university in Kyrgyzstan?

  • Decide a budget to study MBBS in abroad at low (affordable) cost
  • Check for the education system and duration of MBBS/MD there
  • The education quality and student-teacher ratio
  • Number of Affiliated clinics for clinical practice
  • Climatic conditions of the location of the university
  • Facilities available for students
  • Language learning requirements
  • The medium of instruction in the university
  • Safety aspect in the university and hostel
  • Cultural diversity in the university
  • Population in the city / nearby city for higher patients flow
  • Living cost of the place
  • What you must take care during your travel
  • Plan Your Finances To Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  • Keep all Your Important Documents with you in triplicates.
  • Ascertain the luggage weight restriction with the airlines. For students the check in luggage limit ranges between 44-46 kg.
  • Keep important documents in your hand baggage. Your currency & passport should also be handy.
  • Always maintain proximity with your respective groups.
  • So, start with where you want to be, use your knowledge and skills and achieve your goals!

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