Have you been scouring the internet to find that right university to study MBBS abroad?
You must have heard of the trite whispers about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
I am talking about the popular ones- the best destination to study medicine, not to mention international exposure, world-class infrastructure, and a global degree.
But that's not all.
There are many other advantages of studying in Kyrgyzstan than you must have heard from friends or intuited yourself.
We will take it slow and examine each of them here in this article!
#1 Low Cost

The one thing that most Indian students overthink when studying abroad is expenses.
So let's begin there.
Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is way lower than studying MBBS with any private Indian university.
Don't be. (We have a lot more)
There is no capitation fee other than tuition.
Even the cost of survival in Kyrgyzstan is really low. You can have a decent lifestyle in between $100-$200/ month.
#2 NO entrance tests for admission
Yeah, you heard that right!
Kyrgyzstan has ample of opportunities and has a chance for every one of you.
Your admission is solely decided on the percentage of marks you secure in the 12th standard, and it is first to come and first serve. And you only need NEET for qualification.
Now you better hurry!
#3 International Exposure

You get a chance to be a part of a cosmopolitan culture, right?
With studying in Kyrgyzstan, you meet fellow students from different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds.
You have the golden opportunity to establish yourself in a foreign country and get an international exhibition, not to mention the international flow of patients.
#4 Low-Class Strength
Unlike the clogged medical institutes of India, where 50 students crowd one class, universities in Kyrgyzstan have a comparatively lower class strength, making sure that all students get individual attention.
A batch of maximum a dozen students, experiment on one cadaver, unlike that in Indian University where the whole class might have just one or two cadavers. 
Okay, so now that you have the reasons, get started and apply for your MBBS dreams.

It’s now or it’s never. Your medical dreams won’t come true until you act and do something about it!

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