Osh State University floods with 2018 MBBS application forms

Have you ever considered the fact that how any university gets to be known as the top university for a particular stream of study. What are the factors which make any university the top preference for the aspiring local or international students?

Well, to start with, there are certain factors which determine the rank or position of any university among the universities of that particular region, world or among the students.

Coming straight to the university we intend to talk about in this article, Osh State University is a university that has been continuously bagging the position among the Top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan. Now you must be wondering how we reached to the said conclusion?

Osh State University actually fulfills all the set criteria that are said to determine the worth of any university or a medical university to be more precise.

Apart from focusing on quality education, Osh State University firmly believes in education to all. The university offers low package MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan , and is a low cost university in Kyrgyzstan.

The goal of the University is to provide its students with the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary for their future employment. The educational programs and student assessment are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Educational programs at Osh State University are based on the modern European standards. There are undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs, language certificate courses and training courses at the University. The courses are delivered by local and foreign academic staff. The University promotes the practice and training at the national and international level at partner Universities. The University supports the students to participate in exchange programs at the partner Universities in various countries.

One of the main goals of the University is to understand the needs of every student and support them during their learning process aimed at successful professional career. The University has all the possibilities to participate in research works in different fields and scientific-practical conferences held at the University. The University understands its role as an educator towards the young generation in a new environment for fulfilling the demands of employees with high-skilled competencies. It also tries to ful fill its role and meet the criteria set by the professionals in the sphere of higher medical education.

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