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In view of the current situation caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, Mr. Ramesh Pokriyal has announced that the NEET and the JEE entrance examinations will now be held in September. This decision came after a lot of analysis by the government. In June, social media was overtaken by the parents and students with a roar of #StudentLivesMatter, #HealthOverExams, and many other hashtags. Students and Parents demanded the postponement of these entrance examination as the coronavirus cases in the country is rising day by day. 

NEET is a paper-based examination and taking entrance examinations at this point in time could be very risky for our students.

The MHRD Minister, Mr. Pokriyal, in his earlier digital conversation with all the students who are going to give NEET exam, said that the government will take care of all the students and always work towards their welfare as they are the future of India.

Taking the current situation and students’ demands into account, the MHRD has made a panel for the analysis whether it will be convenient to take entrance examination or not. The panel submitted its report to the MHRD and now the NEET examination has been postponed.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test has been rescheduled to September 13, 2020, taking into consideration the safety of the students and their families.

The MHRD minister told the students and parents to have faith in the government in his early online interactions with them. The health of students will be always given priority. Along with this decision, the universities of India have also been told to be closed until August.

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