As the dates of the NEET & JEE have been announced and the students are set to appear for both the exams all over the country. There must be panic among the students, despite having a long break of more than 5 months due to government imposed lockdown, and the students must be finding ways to cover the syllabus, or revising the already prepared syllabus through various means.

Here are some tips for the last week preparation for NEET 2020: -

  • The first and foremost thing to do is get familiar with the syllabus. This will make you familiar with the exam pattern and will boost your confidence. As the students already know that the syllabus contains the NCERT of both 11th and 12th, it will be ideal to revise the class notes and important topics from the books of NCERT. Solving problems from the NCERT books is often suggested for revision.
  • In your daily schedule, keep most of your time for studying as stress-free as possible, it's important to create the study time table. Planning your study time for a weekly basis in advance is a good strategy, this will take you on the alert mode that what you have to do at what time and how much time you've left with to cover the whole syllabus. Since we are at the end of the spare time, the students should focus on their timetable and a stress free management of their timetable to ensure proper nutrition and proper sleep with at least 8 to 10 hours of study or revision. Creating a timetable is important for managing most of your time and keeping a record of it. While making a schedule, also remember to give yourself breaks in between for relaxing your mind by doing some other activities.
  • The major distractions in a student's life are their cell phones. We all know that cell phones are very important for everyone as we get all the information with help of it but they are also a great distraction for us. Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are not only distractions for a student but it's shown that they can also feel stress or depression or experience FOMO. If you're finding it hard to get rid of your cell phones, then you can delete your social media apps.
  • Solving the previous year's question paper can be very helpful as it hardly changes every year. Collect the question papers from the past three to four years and try to solve them in a given time. Give it your best shot and try to solve your paper during the time given. Solving these papers will give you an idea of your final day paper and you'll understand the strategy and pattern to solve the paper. You'll also get the idea of the length of the paper that will come in the final examination, by this the fear of the exam will be less for you.
  • The last and the most important, keeping yourself stress free, and having proper diet, otherwise falling ill or being in stress on the exam day will be a silly mistake.

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