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As the Vande Bharat mission continues to bring stranded students abroad back home, twenty-one students pursuing MBBS in Russia and Kyrgyzstan tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. Out of them, twenty students belong to Chhattisgarh and are quarantined in Raipur. One student from Nanded also tested positive and is quarantined.

The CMO of Raipur confirmed that nine medical students pursuing MBBS in Russia and Kyrgyzstan tested positive according to the initial results and detailed reports showed that eleven other students were also affected by the pandemic. She also stated that the state officials have updated details on the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP).

According to the doctor in charge of the private quarantine centers in Nagpur, all medical students who were on the same flight as the student for Nanded were tested and released for home quarantine. However, Nagpur officials were not aware of the COVID-positivity of the twenty students from Raipur, who were pursuing MBBS from medical colleges in Russia and Kyrgyzstan. 

In an interview with a reputed newspaper, Nagpur’s SDO stated that the district office was given no prior information about medical students from other states. However, he added that all medical students who have flown in from medical colleges in Russia and Kyrgyzstan were placed in institutional quarantine, which left no scope to worry. Another health official added that updates from other states are being communicated via IDSP as efficiently as possible, which makes sure that officials don’t have to trace the contacts all over again.

For the safety of the families and the communities in India, the government is doing its best to keep track of all the travellers who have travelled from other states in India as well as other countries.

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