Studying MBBS in India has many perks as well as catch as Medical Course in India has its own set of challenges. There are various Government and Private Colleges in India which offer MBBS as their structured course but in order to get through it, they have a very tough entrance examination commonly referred to as NEET or are too expensive for students to afford especially by middle- or low-income class. 

The seats available at most of the government colleges are having very fewer seats and are on high demand and the majority of the students who are looking for it and not able to get the seats due to various conditions like their NEET score and sometimes also by reservations. The next option available for the young medical aspirants is the private universities but their fees structure is not standard and is exceptionally way high as compared to the government colleges. Majorly it becomes tough for the students to avail of a loan for their education for pursuing MBBS. 

Following this, Kyrgyzstan Education Centre is one venture which supports young aspirants to pursue their dream from Kyrgyzstan by making them getting seats in Top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan at a very affordable fee structure. To pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, the following documents are required to be confirmed and produced for the admission: 

  • Mark sheet of 12th Board Examinations. The minimum marks should be 50% with subjects including Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  • A verified and substantial passport.
  • Student Visa acquired by the Embassy.
  • The welcome letter from the respective University
  • Affirmation Letter for the course and program by the University.
  • 20 passport size photographs
  • Flight tickets
  • Receipt demonstrating the expenses handled.
  • Bank account reports of Guardian’s records.

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