Kyrgyzstan is a top destination for pursuing medical profession for Indian students, with colleges and universities situated in the top cities of the country, with adequate facilities available for student. But in this pandemic situation, it is important to know if the country is safe to travel to, in the future or not. And the major concern being, if the colleges and universities or even the government will be able to provide necessary security and healthcare for the foreign students. First of all, Kyrgyzstan is a safe country to travel and to stay for foreigners, especially Indians. The country provides education in affordable budget which eases financial burden on the middle class parents of India. Plus, the kind of affordable education which the universities offer, with accommodation and basic facilities is quite helpful for students as well. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities is quite better for better grooming for students in order to blend well and work in a different country. Kyrgyzstan has MCI recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities, and the medical degree is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, which allows the students to practice the medical profession in India as well as different hospitals all around the world. For the Pandemic situation, the hospitals and medical colleges have lent their helping hand with the doctors and medical staff as well as trainees working day and nights to ensure safety. The medical colleges have increased security of the campus and the hospitals too, and regular checking has been ensured of the people staying in the campus as well as working in the hospitals. The government has made quarantine centers within the university campuses for immediate attention of any possible case. Talking about the education process, the universities focus on extensive practical knowledge, in order to make an able practitioner out of the student, utilizing their talent. The country has quite easy admission process, with the qualification based on NEET score itself. The universities are quite helpful with the visa process with consultation at every step for the students - from visa process to the admission. The degree provided by the universities are recognized for both work and further studies in India.

The pandemic situation has been controlled effectively by the government in Kyrgyzstan, and regular testing has been increased significantly. For now, the borders have been closed to stop transmission and public holidays have been avoided to stop contact and the government have also taken measures to limit or ban large public gatherings, as well as banning Friday prayers at mosques.

Just like India, physical distancing has been practiced and the services are provided with utmost caution with more focus on the essential service. The students stuck in the hostels of the colleges and universities are being taken care of with proper food and lodging. Online classes are being held regular to ensure the academic year completion. In case of safety, Kyrgyzstan is safer for Indian students and when the travel restrictions will be lifted, the visa process will be easier for the students

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