Being a doctor is considered a highly respectable profession in India. Apart from being a noble profession, it is highly rewarding in financial aspects as well. Doctors in India are seen upon with much respect and dignity.

When talked about the procedure of becoming a good doctor, it is not that easy in real terms. Many students from childhood dream to be a successful doctor. To be one, students choose, medical stream after their secondary examination in hope to pursue MBBS after the completion of their senior secondary with medical subjects that are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The fact of the matter however is that the real struggle starts after passing the senior secondary level.

MBBS as mentioned above is a hot course in India, due to which there are lakhs of medical aspirants every year who sit for the National level medical entrance examination such as NEET. But the sad part for the students is that even after clearing a competitive exam, they are not entitled to get a medical seat just because of the lack of medical seats and medical universities India is facing at the moment.

Needless to say or mention, India on a serious note requires to up its education standards by at least providing sufficient amount of medical seats for the medical aspirants of the country. But for the time being, the option which becomes a savior for Indian medical aspirants is MBBS in abroad.

Not to disagree, studying medicine in abroad, in a true sense is a great option for Indian students and has a lot of benefits. Getting a unique student life exposure to getting a globally accepted degree, the benefits are numerous.

When focusing a little more on the trend, one can also notice that students are getting attracted to countries which offer education of international standard and that too within their budget. There are various countries offering the same but the majority of Indian crowd is attracted to Kyrgyzstan as their MBBS destination, which of course offers a great deal of conveniences to Indian students from imparting education in English medium with a teacher student ratio of 1:12 to providing free of cost MCI coaching.

This is in itself an evidence to the fact that affordable education or reasonable fee is not the only reason for students to go for top medical universities of Kyrgyzstan. There are lot more reasons supporting the choice.

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