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At the point where a pandemic hits, all want to be with their families. This gives immense support in many ways. Similarly, the parents of three Kalyan students who are pursuing their MBBS degree from Kyrgyzstan Medical Colleges have requested the government to bring their stranded children back to the nation.

Ravi Shankar Patil, who is Kalyan Shiv Sena corporator has spoken to the Chief Minister and other senior officers in this regard. Approximately 203 students are stranded in Kyrgyzstan from the state of Maharashtra.

Parents are anxious because Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian Country but has not been mentioned in the central government’s list of countries from where the Indian armed forces will bring back stranded Indians. The Indian students in Kyrgyzstan have compiled a list which states the number of students who are stranded in the country and are seeking help.

Due to the pandemic, the educational institutes have been closed in Kyrgyzstan and students are taking online classes and examinations too. In Kyrgyzstan, no process has been undertaken for the return of students. Some students are also facing difficulty in food as everything is closed in the country due to the pandemic. Thus students are not able to get basic amenities as there are no shops open. The government will surely take measures to provide all the basic necessities of the students. 

The Vande Bharat Mission and Samudra Setu Mission are the missions started by the Indian government to bring Indian citizens back to India if they are stranded in some other country. These missions have successfully rescued many citizens and are surely going to do more.

We are also hoping that through these Missions, Students who are studying in Kyrgyzstan and other countries can come back home safely during this pandemic time.

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