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Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, we all are facing a lot of difficulties and are struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle that suits this period. Apart from affecting the functioning of a normal life, this pandemic time has also affected the most important part of our lives. One of those important things is the academic session of the students. Various coaching classes have been disrupted, so does the normal functioning of the schools. This has impacted the education of the students as things don’t work as it regularly should be due to the Nation-wide lockdown.

Staying packed indoors and unable to perform all the learning activities that students should learn during their growing stage at schools has impacted the students at large. Many examinations have either been postponed or canceled due to the lockdown.

The class 10 and 12 students were unable to attempt some of their papers due to the immediate suspension of schools, colleges, etc which is caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in the month of March. As much as possible to contain the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of the students and their families, the government and other related authorities took the initiative to move forward with the students’ academic sessions in a safe manner. The authorities have decided to declare the students’ results based on the marks acquire from papers which they were able to attempt and for the papers, the students were not able to write, the marks are to be taken from their previous performances. This, however, made it difficult for the students as they could have performed well if they had the chance to write the remaining papers and could score well in the final exams.

Examinations like NEET 2020 and other competitive examinations have been subjected to some changes regarding the pandemic. The National Testing Agency has helped students a lot. It has allowed them to change their choice of the place where they want to take the test. This is because traveling is risking in today’s time.  All the students who were preparing for these entrance examinations are back to their hometown because home is the best place to be at this point.

Coming to the Introduction of Education Technologies.

Students have been affected a lot because the previous way of coaching classes has been disrupted. Most students, preparing NEET or JEE, take coaching classes to prepare well for the examinations. However, due to the nation-wide lockdown, their preparations have been affected a lot. But thanks to the new online technologies which enable students to study online with the help of the educational institutes to provide education in a digital mode.

Various online platforms were developed for learning. There are also some problems with online learning because not every time it proves a good help. It sometimes lacks 2-way communication but we can still see hope through it and students can still prepare well with keen learning.

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