Wondering the possible disadvantages of dropping a year for an ambitious NEET aspirant in you?

Should you then compromise on your field of study, your dream college, or opt for a drop year altogether? While the latter of the three choices seems compelling and promising, it has some less discussed downsides to it. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be sure why you should think twice before dropping a year for NEET, and a few essentially important things to consider before reaching a decision!

Disadvantages Of Taking A Drop Year

  •  Stiff Competition

   The competition increases, and so does the number of students competing. A multifold increase in applications only ensures that a drop year would only mean a tougher competition the following year.

  •  Increasing Cutoffs Each Year 

   A graduate course reached a cutoff of 100% in the year 2020 at the University of Delhi. It is representative of the accelerating rate of cutoffs every year.

For all you know, your competitors get more competent, and your rank may even slip down further, making you ineligible for even your non-favorite medical schools.

  •  Lost Determination

With a whole year to yourself, it is definite that there will be days you’ll regret your decision for a drop year, and self-doubt and frustration follow. For an entire year, the conviction to follow through means much self-talk to get over numerous of such difficult days.

Do You Really Need To Drop A Year?

Here are a few of the questions to consider before deciding whether dropping a year will be worth it:

  • By what margin did you miss the cut?
  • Were you able to score a rank to land you in any college if not your desirable college?
  • Are you able to sustain self-disciplined routines for long periods of time?
  • Are you 100% sure about your career path?

Dropping a year comes with its downsides, with little to no flexibility on a disciplined approach. As students, we all understand that morning to night studying schedules are not everyone’s cup of tea. 

What Could Be Done Instead?


You heard it right. Foreign universities provide much flexibility in terms of student admissions. While there are many options to consider, here’s why MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a lucrative option:

  • Hassle-free direct admission process
  • Lower tuition fee
  • Easy education loans
  • Students can start MBBS and apply for NEET in their second academic year

The above upsides to picking a University from Kyrgyzstan will definitely beat the unreliable challenges that come with dropping a year and also acknowledges the primary concerns of foreign education being expensive and unaffordable. 

To Sum Up

There are ample of opportunities to start with instead of taking a gap year. 

At the education abroad, we guide you through, for choosing the university that is right for you. Choose us so that your career map goes just the way you decided.

We hope that our insight helped you decide. Best of luck!

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